Select Courses Taught

Just as my research takes on complex rhetorics in a variety of contexts, my teaching engages students in the rich complexity of rhetorical interaction. Each facet of my teaching is designed to foster student engagement (with themselves, each other, and the world at large), to promote quality work by expecting the best work from each student, and to endorse rhetoric as vital to public and private life. The most fruitful way I have developed to encourage these kinds of engagements is to task students with dynamic, collaborative rhetorical production. 

Current Courses

History of Rhetoric II: 1701-Present (Spring 2019)

Business and Professional Writing (Spring 2019)

Future Courses

Business and Professional Writing (Summer 2019)

Past Courses

Senior Seminar: Paying Attention (Spring 2018)

Technology, Media and Rhetoric (Fall 2017)

Foundations in Rhetoric and Writing (Fall 2016)

New Media Writing (Fall 2016)

Professionalization Practicum (Fall 2016)

New Media Storytelling (Summer 2016)

Public Rhetoric (Spring 2016)

Technology, Media and Literature (Fall 2015)

Foundations in Rhetoric and Writing (Fall 2015)

Posthumanism (Summer 2015)

History of Rhetoric II: 1701-Present (Spring 2015)

Public Rhetoric (Fall 2014)

Teaching Writing (Fall 2014)

Foundations in Rhetoric and Writing (Spring 2014)

New Media Advocacy (Fall 2013)

Film: Visions of the Future (Fall 2013)

History of Rhetoric II: 1701-Present (Summer 2013)

Foundations in Rhetoric and Writing (Spring 2013)

Problems in Rhetoric (Fall 2012)

New Media Science Writing (Fall 2012)

Alternative Rhetorics (Spring 2012)

Organizational Rhetoric and Writing (Fall 2011)

Technical Writing and New Media (Fall 2011)

Rhetoric, Technology and Culture (Summer 2011)