minimal.collection/maximal.recollection plays with the selection and recollection of data captured in the field (capta) becoming useful and suasive through transduction. And one doesn't need much to do a lot. These tracks work from a two-minute recording (803a) made while first exploring an EMF microphone on the 803 bus in Austin, Texas (as part of the DMFI). Subsequent tracks are manipulations of the entire recording (803b and 803c), and the others (803d, 803e, and 803f) are manipulations of specific sounds or notes within the original recording. These tracks were made in Audacity, a free and open source audio editor. 

These tracks are designed for headphones, but please be advised that not all of these sounds are pleasing; some might be down right painful. 

contingency of
glitch depends on
its constantly
materiality; the
glitch exists as an
unstable assemblage
in which the
materiality is
influenced by on the one
hand the construction,
operation and content of the
apparatus (the medium) and on
the other hand the work, the
writer, and the interpretation by
the reader and/or user (the
meaning) influence its materiality.
— Rosa Menkman, Glitch Studies Manifesto